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COVID-19 Policies

 Physical Distancing

  • Capacity of the gym will be no more than half the capacity of the gym's occupancy.

  • Ensure at least 6ft distance between individuals at all times, unless the safety of the activity requires a shorter distance (e.g.. minimal spotting).

  • Work-out stations will be 6ft apart in all directions.

  • Practice adequate distancing in small areas such as bathrooms.

On-Site activity

  • Limited participants: max group class of 6 with 6 ft distance between

  • All coaches and athletes wear face coverings and don’t share personal items (e.g. tools).

Air handling

  • HVAC system meets the highest rated filtration compatible with the currently installed filter rack and air handling systems

protective equipment

  • All coaches and athletes must wear face-covering at all times, with the following exception: they are eating or drinking and still remaining 6ft apart.

  • Face masks, hand sanitizers, and sanitizing solutions will be available to all athletes and coaches for free.

  • Limited sharing of equipment, frequent cleaning and disinfection of all equipment, logs (e.g. time, date), and hand washing (with disposable towels) will be enforced.


  • Unbroken Athletics will post signs inside and outside of the gym to remind everyone to adhere to proper hygiene and social distancing rules.


  • Unbroken Athletics will implement health screening practices (e.g. questionnaire, temperature check) for all coaches and athletes. unbroken athletics will maintain a log of every person entering the facility

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